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4. Recruit
Siliconharmony is a professional Fabless ASIC company that needs talented individuals from all over the world. We invites you to find out more about working at Siliconharmony
Invitation & qualification
Field Department Number Jobs Condition
R & D ASIC & SOC design 0 - ASIC Design design (RTL Coding, Synthesis, DFT, Verification, P&R)
- Core Design & practice (Processor & Interface Core)
1. .BSEE and at least 2+ years experience in related fields is required
2. Preferential given to MSEE & Ph.D
Mixed-Signal & RF Design 0 - ADC, DAC, PLL design
- Serial Link, I/O, High Voltage circuit design
- CMOS RF circuit design
Sales / Marketing 0 - Multimedia & Communication., ASIC technical sales
- Tax affairs, accounts
1. at least 2+ years experience in related fields is required
『 all the applicants should have no reasons for disqulification in travel abroad.
『 All the applicants should have excellent written and oral communication skills in English(Chinese
Selection method
- 1st: selection of candidates by examinating their personal histories.
- 2nd: selection of candidates by interview(regarding 1st successful candidates)
Submission form
- Resume
- Candidate written introduction
- Final graduation certificate & Transcript
- Official foreign language Transcrip ( For the party concerned)
Acceptance period
- on occasion base
- Air-mail acceptance : #502 JelZone Tower2, Jeongja-dong 159-4, Bundang-Gu
                                  Seongnam-City, Gyeonggi-do, Korea 463-834
- Email acceptance : nxchul@siliconharmony.com
- For inquiries : (031) 786-1774~6
- Submitted paperworks will be treated confidentially and not be returned.
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