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CEO Greeting
Vision & Goal
CEO Greeting
We sincerely thank all of you for visiting our company web-site.
Siliconharmony started as a professional ASIC Design Sevice company that provides all the asic-related jobs from Front-end to Back-end in August 2004 on the basis of Powerful Sales and R&D Team who has the utmost experiences handling Mass production projects through various ASIC projects in the fields of Korean ASIC market.
Our first priority is to provide all of our customers the best Design Service with the shortest TAT for your satisfaction by preserving High-end technology, and we promise to keep up with tight-coupled relationship on the basis of mutual understanding and respect.
Our positive policy on developing long lasting technology that will cope with the most competitive market throughout the world, in this way, we can surely manage to play an important role as a leading ASIC industry.
At all cost, Siliconharmony will strive to serve our customers by showing our endeavor, integrity, and inspiration to all.

Thank you

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