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What is an ASIC?
An ASIC or Application Specific Integrated Circuit is a semiconductor chip which is produced for a specific application for a specific customer.
ASICs are designed using a suite of computer aided software programs (CAD).
The design is simulated to predict its performance under worst case production tolerances.
These simulations are used to guarantee performance of the production chips.
Your company will benefit from most of the following:
- Lower Piece Part Price
- Improved Reliability
- Lower Power Consumption
- Hide Proprietary Circuitry
- Less Printed Circuit Space
- Remove the Need for Calibration(s)
- Replace Hard to Get or Allocated Parts
- Fully Tested Parts at no Extra Cost
- Some ASICs replace 50 to 100 discrete items which in turn dramatically
    . Reduces Inventory
    . Decreases the Number of Purchase Orders
    . Reduces Manufacturing Time Because there are fewer parts to handle

ASIC types
- According to system design
what do you have to consider when choosing ASIC
  NRE Manufacturing period Number of time using Cell Transistor Exchangibility/Flexibility
Full Custom Very high very long Very high Very high
Standard Cell High somewhat long High High
Gate Array Low Short Low Low
FPGA Very low Very short Very low Very low
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